Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Crazy Stamper has some CRAZY deals and AWESOME Prizes!

Be sure to check out the blog and store links (below)!

If you're in or near Bolton, Ontario (wish I were) - you won't want to miss the, in-store, upcoming Grand Opening of their brick and mortar store!



Sunday, April 3, 2011

Regular charms - for a swap at CMB - Feb 2011

These are my first charms - before I knew about bead caps :) They were for 3 swaps I was in at the Cricut Message Board. I got a bunch of really nice ones in return too! I wish I would have made nicer tags... even if I'd have run them through my Cuttlebug.

Chunky Charm Swap - CMB March 2011

These are the chunky charms I made for 2 swaps at CMB. The copper one is 'vintage' and the gold one is 'choice'.

As I search my computer for images... LOL

OK, this 'catch-up' is not going to be in any particular I can't find the images on my HD in chronological order all in one place (my brain ... my creative brain ... when busy, does not think that way, so they are saved all hap-hazzard fashion ;)'s only at times like this that I feel the need to be more organized...LOL). Anyway, as I find the pictures, I will post the projects.

So, here goes. These are the stick pins I made for the Feb 2011 swap at the Cricut Message Board:

Stick Pin Swap from Cricut Message Board - Jan 2011

I'm 'kind of' ;) late posting this. Here are the pins I made for a swap at CMB. I didn't know what the stick pins were used for - so I went and ordered the 'jewelry blanks' kind. It turned out alright. I got a whole bunch of REALLY nice pins from the other swappers in return!

I made these ones for the 2 groups I was in:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

BUNNY BLOG HOP - April 2011

Hop on over to Jacqueline's blog and follow the 'bunny trail', this weekend, for some great blogs and awesome blog candy. Check it out: Made By Jacqueline

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brand spankin' new Blog

This is my first entry! Let's see if it helps me be the lucky winner of the "Go" cutting system give-away being offered by "Lavender Ridge"

See it here:

Sorry, I can't figure out (yet) how to make this an actual link.

This would be a sweet win and my first step into the wonderful world of quilting!

I'll be transforming this plain jane site into something nice in the next little while.

I'm so eager to get back to making some 'masterpieces' away from the computer!